Catering Malone

Corporate Dining

Along the way we have been fortunate to work with many wonderful people and forge a relationship with local clients who provide us with repeat business year after year.

Whether it’s a working breakfast, plattered lunch or a hot meal our team can adapt to any situation.

We are used to working in a wide variety of locations with a variety of different customers.

We love what we do and bring tasteful, affordable luxury to you anytime anywhere.

Private Dining

We have been very lucky to be included in numerous celebrations such as birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, engagements, pre / post wedding parties.

Each event is special and whether it be a happy occasion or one of life’s more sombre occasions such as a funeral, Sauce can provide a caring and compassionate service to cater for you.

Whether it’s informal sharing platters, an afternoon tea or a hot supper, we will set up, serve out and clear up afterwards.

You can feel like a guest in your own home.